Track is Lifesaving

My name is Micah Bremer. I ran on the William & Mary XC/T&F team from 2017-2019. You may remember me from our petition last fall when the WM Athletics Department attempted to freeze increases in scholarships to current athletes on both the swim and track teams.

Like many track and field athletes, I came from a broken, abusive home and running was my escape. It was during my training for track that I would experience the quiet of the forest. The sounds of birds and mountain streams would still my mind and heal my aching heart. It would give me the strength to fight another day.

I was homeschooled all through high-school. I never ran in a state championship, and barring one or two breakout races, I was unknown to the recruiting world. It was the coaches at William and Mary who gave me a chance and allowed me the opportunity to become the best I could be both in the sport and in life.

Track very well saved my life. William and Mary Track & Field helped me to live. Although I moved on from Tribe T&F and now run for the All-Marine Running Team, it gave me a family I never had, and made me into the man (and now United States Marine) I am today. To remove this track team from this college would be destroying a family. It would be destroying my family.

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