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Track & Field is awesome.

Athletics is education. In an age of bloated salaries, massive egos and nonsensical data. Track and field is raw, pure and simple. It is the most natural form of competition. You don't need a country club membership to be a track and field athlete. You just need heart, toughness and desire. From a distance runner to a thrower and everyone in between, anyone can do it. And it brings out the best in us. Don't let it die.

Track & Field is community. We need this community in our world. We are one team, combined genders. There for our brothers and sisters during the hurdles, the 10,000m or the hammer throw. We are a positive thriving community. We know what work is and we do that work humbly in the shadows. Grind it out whether anyone is watching or not. We strive to get the best from ourselves and feel as uplifted when our teammates excel. We break bread with each and sing with each other. Through good times and bad, our community lifts each other up.

Track & field is love. Love of... Teammates The grind Competition The long run Near misses Close makes Big throws Coaches Colleagues ALUMNI Pr's Bus trip karaoke Team dinners Challenges Work And hopefully along the way, SELF LOVE. Knowing you did your best. Overcoming your demons and coming out on the other side a better person. Bringing with you the self confidence you gained from working through injuries, mental blocks, coaching changes, academic workload, pandemics, budgets cuts, and everything else life throws at you. SELF LOVE that you carry with you for the rest of your life. Track and field teaches love. Love is powerful.

William & Mary Head Cross Country Coach

Forest Braden

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