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People who are unfamiliar with track tend to think of it as an individual sport. Those who truly know it however, will tell you that it is just the opposite. I have played many sports in my life, and there are none in which the bond is quite as strong. Every single member of the team is essential for creating success. We lean on one another when our bodies are tired. We hold each other accountable. We are each other’s most fervent supporters.

When I became a part of this program, I was welcomed into a culture of excellence. I joined a long legacy of inspiring men and women who have made this program one of the most successful in William & Mary’s history. Not only have I become a better athlete during my time here, but a better human being. My teammates— male and female alike— have taught me so much about resilience, about grit, about heart. I chose this program because there was no division; because we are ONE tribe, ONE family. We are sisters and brothers bonded through sweat, through hardships, and through triumphs. In losing our men’s team, I, and the other women in our program, lose half of our family.

William & Mary Track and Field invites athletes to come as they are and molds them into the best version of themselves. The men in our program are athletes of the highest caliber, grinding through whatever is thrown at them. They never complain and never make excuses. They simply get the job done— both on the track, and in the classroom.

This decision will not only deprive our program of half of its valued members, but will cost the university the opportunity to educate incredible young men who can and will go on to change our world.

Carly Swierbut

Class of '23

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