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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

William & Mary Athletics recently announced the termination of the Men’s Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field programs, along with 5 other programs (M/W Swim, M/W Gymnastics, W Volleyball). The department’s given reasoning doesn’t hold up to us and disregards the impact on the athletes, coaches, and alumni of the program. Track is family, help us save it. Check out @theboisebruiser @savetribetrack and @savethetribe7 on instagram and sign the petition.

There is no way I would be at W&M if not for track. I didn’t know W&M before the coaches contacted me, it is that simple.

I am so incredibly glad I ended up here. I have been able to meet so many great people, both as a student and as an athlete. My teammates are the ones who are family, the ones that I’ve shared amazing achievements and brutal disappointments with, the ones that I train with, the ones I share a house with. But now those people have been betrayed and hurt and are probably going to leave.

I have done everything I can to stay here for another 5 years pursuing graduate studies and using my remaining eligibility. If that still happens, it is due to my academic opportunities and interests only, not because of athletics.

Tribe Cross Country and Track & Field is a historic program with a huge legacy that the department has just thrown away. In my time here, I’ve become familiar with the names of All-Americans, NCAA Champions, and an Olympian that are plastered around (and that’s not including MXC and WXC/TF). The W&M of their day was different from mine, but we share the same goals and the 400 meters of a track are constant. I’ve met Ron Martin, who holds the school record of 3:58.9. I chased that time this past indoor season. I’ve never met Brian Hyde, our Olympian, but his 1500m time is still one of the best in NCAA history and I might have raced his high school team back in Michigan. I know the names of so many W&M All-Americans and now I see their names fighting for us, supporting us, refusing to let the program die. That’s what this program is about, that determination, that camaraderie, that family.

Evan Goodell '21

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